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The cautious Yellow Watchman Goby sits on the substrate near his borrow waiting for food. However, he quickly retreats when threatened along with anyone else sharing his home.


Yellow Watchman Gobies, or Yellow Prawn Gobies, are known for their symbiotic bond that they share with a pistol shrimp. The pistol shrimp, (Alpheus spp.) has poor eyesight and relies on the goby for protection and guidance; in return for protection the goby receives a home with constant renovations.


The Yellow Watchman Goby, Cryptocentrus cinctus, is a small bright yellow goby with blue speckles on its face. They range from three to four inches (8-10 cm) long.


Cryptocentrus cinctus resides in the western Pacific. It is found from zero to twenty five meters (0-82 ft.) deep but are most commonly found at depths of ten meters.


Because of their small size, these gobies can be kept in nano tanks as small as twenty gallons. They rarely swim but usually perch outside their burrow.


They are found in the tropics and should be kept in temperatures that range from 22 to 28 degrees Celsius (72-82 F). Since they are bottom dwelling, they usually do not experience high current and prefer calm water flow. Gobies will eat frozen mysis shrimp or pellets that sink to the bottom, and the pistol shrimp will clean up any crumbs he leaves behind.


The yellow watchman goby is great for beginners and its personality makes it a wonderful tank mate. They are reef safe and non aggressive except when it comes to the same sex of their own species; so only home one or a mated pair.


Like many other gobies, the yellow watchman can jump out of your tank. Take the necessary precautions to be prepared for a fish that may jump.


Cryptocentrus cinctus, the Yellow Watchman Goby is a careful fish that does not usually cause mayhem. They are known to live long lives in aquariums with their symbiont, the Alpheus shrimp.


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